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What is the Best Time of Year to Remodel Your Home?

Best Time of Year to Remodel Your Home Tips

If you are planning a home remodel project, the timing is almost as important as the changes you are making. When you plan to conduct your remodels will determine everything from material logistics to the dates you can work with your contractors. It may not surprise you to discover that remodel contracting work is highly seasonal as you and other homeowners in the area each try to choose the best time of year to plan each remodel project.

Colorado contractors have a busy season and a slow season based on the weather, demand, and the region. Here in Boulder County, it’s easy to see why everyone wants to get their renovations done during the summer before the autumn storms and winter snows return. Whether you live in Longmont, Superior, or in the heart of Boulder; if you want to get the best service and price for contract work, then it’s important to understand how the calendar works into the equation.

Choose a Contractor Team

The first and most important decision you can make is your contractor team. Each contractor will have their own reputation, style, and schedule. And if you’re going to be working for hours with a group of people inside and around your home, you want to choose them carefully. Select your contracting team based on who has the best rapport with you, who understands the project as you envision it, and who can deliver a clear and understandable quote for the work that falls within your price range.

Renovation Date Considerations

Here are a few things to consider when planning the dates of your renovation. Each detail can influence how you make your plans and which time of year might be best for you. With our serious Colorado winters and warm balmy summers, weather and timing both play a serious role in planning your renovation.

  • Contractor Time & Attention

If you want to do a lot of talking and planning with your contractor, you will want to plan for a time when they are not in high demand. A slammed contractor schedule can mean brief to-the-point meetings and no extra time to try things or explore options together.

If you need something standard and quick done by contractors so you can proceed DIY, it doesn’t matter how much extra time your contractor has to spare.

  • Seasonal Weather

The weather in Boulder County will determine when certain types of work can be done. Extreme temperatures or storms can put a hold on work even when demand is high. If your project is exposed to the elements, you’ll need to schedule during the late spring and summer when the weather is the warmest and calmest.

  • Indoor vs Outdoor Work

The nature of the work also matters. You can hire contractors to do work during months of bad weather if your work is entirely indoors. Outdoor work like roofing or building additions requires clear warm weather to complete in a timely fashion. From Allenspark to Lafayette, Boulder County residents can find creative ways to keep renovations indoors so that work can be scheduled during the colder months.

  • Do you need to be home while contractors work?

If you’re comfortable with contractors working while you’re away, work can occur while you’re at the office or even on vacation. If you need to be present during all contracting hours, this will limit your scheduling possibilities based on when you can get that time off.

Remodeling in the Spring

  • Pro: Great Weather
  • Con: Highest Demand to Compete With

Remodeling in the spring is fantastic. By late spring, the weather in Boulder County is clear, you’re feeling great, and there’s plenty of nice weekends to work on. The only problem is that everyone else in the northern hemisphere is thinking the same thing. Contractors tend to be slammed during the Spring with both new appointments and projects planned months in advance that have been waiting for the warm weather.

If you do want to do your home remodel in the spring, plan in advance. Book the winter or even summer before to make sure you have the time you need. Even so, your contractors are more likely to be dealing with a press of other demanding projects, meaning they will have less personal time to dedicate to talking about your project and planning things carefully with each step.

The spring is a great time for Coloradans to schedule renovation projects that need some quick contract work before you return to DIY working all summer long.

Remodeling in the Summer

  • Pro: Plenty of Time
  • Con: High Demand and Summer Heat

Colorado summers are mild by southern standards, creating a comfortable but not-too-hot project environment.  Due to the school year schedule among other things, many people only have the free time to handle remodeling projects in the summer. If that’s you. This is okay but prepare to be competing with many other traditionally scheduled households looking for time with your contractors. Summer is a very busy season for Colorado remodeling, and is also the hottest season for working outdoors and on roofs.

Scheduling a remodeling project in the summer can be a challenge, as both you and the contractors will have timing limitations. However, it’s a great time to get outdoor projects done when the sun is warm and the weather is clear. You may also have vacation time or your kids might not be disrupted by the work during the summer.

Remodeling in the Fall

  • Pro: Cool Temp and Low Demand
  • Con: Autumn Storms

The fall is when the contractor busy season is wrapping up. As the weather gets cooler, it also becomes less ideal for outdoor projects and everyone is getting back to work or school. The fall in Boulder County also comes with an additional challenge: Autumn storms. Especially for towns nestled in the national park. Many regions experience increased rainfall, thunderstorms, and high wind speeds during the autumn which can cause a large number of delayed weather days in an outdoor or indoor-outdoor renovation plan.

However, for indoor projects or well-timed work days, the fall can be an ideal time to work with your contractor. Because demand is down, you have plenty of time to work on plans, walk through progress, and handle renovations one step at a time. Contractors will have more time to fine-tune their service to your needs. Provided that the work is indoors and out of the autumn storms.

Remodeling in the Winter

  • Pro: No Competing Demand
  • Con: Cold Prohibits Outdoor Projects

For outdoor remodeling in Colorado, winter is the worst time of year. Roofing glue does not work right, snow and ice make surface dangerously slippery, and anything falling down from the sky is a freezing cold problem. But it’s a great time for indoor renovations. Contractors often go through a near down-time period during the winter which can be great for the planning phase of your renovation or extensive all-indoor projects.

If you want your contractor all to yourself and don’t need anyone to go outdoors to complete your plans, winter is a great time to schedule the project. And for projects that need good weather, winter is a good time to work with your contractors to make plans and reserve your future project dates.

Which is the best time of the year to remodel your home? That entirely depends on your plans, your schedule, and what you need from your chosen contractor team. For more information about planning the ideal home improvement project here in Boulder County or to schedule a consultation on your plans, contact us today!


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