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7 Benefits of a Boulder, Colorado Commercial Office Renovation

Boulder, Colorado Commercial Office Renovation

Renovating your office space is a big decision. Good business decisions require careful budgeting and limited spending. However, a commercial office renovation can actually save you money in the long run. Renovating your commercial office space is more than a facelift. It can revamp your business in many ways.

Boulder, Colorado is known for attracting a well-educated and cultured crowd, with a focus on work-life balance for new job seekers and current employees. Owning a commercial space or local business in Boulder requires a certain level of knowledge about mixing modern design with sustainable practices to attract the right crowd. This is where Blue Spruce Construction excels in helping renovate commercial spaces.

Your business needs to stay current to keep up with the local atmosphere and allow you to really show potential customers what you have to offer. Fresh flexible workspaces combined with functionality provide employees with a workspace that is appealing and provides excellent resources for productivity.  

Seven Benefits of a Commercial Office Renovation

There’s little doubt you can imagine your office with modern updates that would improve the appearance of the space you currently have. Unfortunately, business decisions can’t all be based on appearance. If making the updates you’re dreaming of seems like an extravagance you really can’t afford, consider these reasons why renovations might provide more than just a pretty office space.

1. Energy Savings

Commercial buildings account for nearly 20% of the energy used in the United States. Unless your business is housed in a new building, there are likely ways to update your space for increased energy savings. Saving energy is not only good for the planet, it’s good for your bottom line. When it comes to saving energy, most people think of purchasing a new HVAC system. However, indoor renovations can help save energy as well. Lighting choices, window coverings, and office layout all play a big part in the way energy is distributed throughout a commercial space. Taking advantage of the natural abundance of sunlight in Boulder, Colorado is a great way to lower energy costs.

2. Attract New Customers

We’ve all heard the saying: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” The truth is, it’s impossible not to form an initial impression the first time you see something. A modern office gives customers confidence in your business. Outdated surroundings and shabby furnishings suggest that your business isn’t successful, or perhaps worse, that you don’t care what your customers think. An updated office will give current customers a breath of fresh air and invite new customers in the doors.

3. Increase Productivity

The right renovations can help employees increase productivity in more ways than one. An office remodel can provide an attractive place that employees are more likely to enjoy. Happy employees are engaged workers who get more work done. More importantly, the following functional remodeling techniques can work to naturally increase productivity:

  • Increase natural light
  • Expand functional workspace
  • Apply soft neutral tones to reduce eye strain
  • Add shelves or drawers to minimize clutter

4. Improved Layout

If everyone in the office seems generally uninspired, your layout could be to blame. The reduced natural light and isolation of the cubicled offices of the past are considered just that by many workers: a thing of the past. Open and flexible office spaces offer improved spaces for employees. Collaboration is increased. Lighting and flow are improved for increased productivity. Flexible workspaces also help provide mobility with options for privacy and conversion desks.

5. Boost Employee Morale

Does your office space encourage collaboration and office relationships? An attractive inviting workspace naturally helps boost employee morale and even gives workers a desire to show up every day. However, your current office setup could be discouraging employees in more ways than one. Closed off spaces increase feelings of isolation. Low light levels invoke depression. Uninviting break spaces inhibit office relationships. And, the list goes on. Creating a space with employees in mind simply improves the workday. Improved morale results in fewer sick days, improved production, and lower turnover rates.

6. Better Health

Your employees spend a lot of time at work and their health is closely related to the spaces where they spend the most time. Clean modern workplaces promote safety, increase function, and provide a positive environment for employees to thrive instead of survive. If you spend six hours at your desk, there’s no doubt the quality of your position can have a serious impact on your legs, joints, and back. Additionally, as awareness of workplace wellness becomes more widespread, the value of exercise in the workplace is being considered a necessity. Office renovations can offer a chance to provide quality furniture, free up space for an office gym, and outdoor break/work spaces for additional opportunities to take advantage of fresh air and sunshine.

7. Employee Recruitment and Retention

You need qualified employees to keep your business in top shape. Consider the first impression of a potential employee who is choosing between multiple job options. If both positions are offering similar pay, benefits, and daily tasks; the choice could very likely come down to choosing the most enjoyable workspace. Additionally, if you’ve created an inviting workspace for your current employees, they’re less likely to seek work elsewhere.

Choosing the Right Contracting Team for Your Upcoming Boulder, Colorado Commercial Office Renovation

The choice that makes or breaks your office renovation could very well be the company you hire to do the work. Inferior communication can lead to disputes and unsatisfactory work or budget oversights. Companies unfamiliar with the area may have unexpected design choices or a poor understanding of the necessary local permits. Your Boulder, CO construction team should be able to meet these requirements:

  • Clear and continual communication throughout the entire process
  • An understanding of the target budget and the ability to stay within the limits
  • High quality supplies and construction services
  • Smooth navigation through the boulder permit process
  • The ability to incorporate your ideas and suggestions into the final project
  • Attention to detail in every aspect from design to the finishing touch

If you’re considering a commercial office renovation in the Boulder area, get in touch with the expert team at Blue Spruce Construction today. Our team is waiting to answer your questions, discuss your plans, or schedule a consultation to help you get started on your office space renewal.


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